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Acid Reflux Symptoms Recognizing the Warning Signs

The wise have always said, "Prevention is better than cure". Similarly, recognizing the potential symptoms of acid reflux disease at an early stage will allow you to cure it more easily and timely. So watch out for the warning signs before it is too late. Medical experts have found out that a heart burn and acid regurgitation are the main symptoms of this disease.

However, some people with this disease may not suffer from a heart burn at all. Hence, it is very important to learn about other symptoms of this disease in order to reach out for medical assistance on time. Here are some of the most common warning signs you need to watch for when trying to recognize whether you have an acid reflux in your stomach. Potential acid reflux symptoms: a) Burning sensation inside the chest The burning sensation usually begins in the region just behind the sternum or the breastbone. It may then start traveling to the throat. The sensation is common just after you eat something.

The discomfort may last for a few minutes and up to as long as several hours. Rush to a doctor if you are suffering from a burning sensation in the chest for a long time. b) Difficulty in swallowing The state of dysphagia or trouble with swallowing is also experienced with people suffering from acid reflux. This happens when food is unable to pass from the mouth via the esophagus to the stomach as it normally does.

You may experience a sensation of food sticking inside the throat after eating. There is also a feeling of chest pressure, choking or burning after eating. It is also common to experience difficulty swallowing each time you try to eat. Don't waste time. Get yourself evaluated by a physician. This may also be a symptom for esophageal cancer or erosive esophagitis.

c) Bitter or sour taste inside the mouth This can occur as soon as the contents inside the stomach reflux up inside the esophagus. The contents usually reach the back of the throat, leaving a sour or bitter taste inside the mouth. d) Chronic coughing This is a rare symptom. Some patients may suffer from chronic coughing due to acid reflux inside their stomach. This is usually a result of refluxed stomach acid getting aspirated.

e) A burning feeling inside the throat This is a type of burning sensation usually high up inside the neck. This occurs on a lower level but the burning sensation may bring a lot of discomfort to you. You would experience the worst effect when you swallow food. The sensation can result due to the irritation when the contents of the stomach have refluxed up inside the throat. The situation may get worse.

Hence, it is important to visit a health care practitioner as soon as you can. f) Wheezing or symptoms similar to asthma Asthma and GERD are closely associated. According to a study, most people suffering from asthma will also experience gastroesophageal reflux. Visit your health care practitioner as soon as you observe any one of the symptoms mentioned above.

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