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Acne A Very Irritating Problem For Adolescents

Acne: A Very Irritating Problem For Adolescents Acne has become a very frequent phenomenon for the adolescents who are finding it difficult to cope with this irascible disease. Acne is a skin infection that is affecting many teenagers and adults now. It not only ruins the looks of the affected person but also makes him prone to continuous irritation accompanied by scratching on the face. The most effective and permanent acne cure should be to cleanse your body from within in order to remove all the internal causes of this disease. Acne is just a consequence of the much larger internal activities that are taking place in your body which make internal acne treatments score over millions of external acne treatments that are available in the market today.

External acne treatments like ointments, which contain pungent chemicals, cause dryness of the skin leading to more irritation. Therefore, people are exasperated with the continuous use of conventional acne treatments, which they have been using for a very long period of time without experiencing any positive results. For achieving an acne-free skin permanently, effective natural acne treatments are available now. Internet is offering a lot of free acne information for the users. You can use baking soda for curing acne as it will completely exfoliate your skin and also unclog all the pores, which have led to pimples in the first place.

You can make an effective scrub out of baking soda and water and apply it on your face to remove all the hideous acne pimples. Vinegar can also be very effective in alleviating your acne problem by killing all the harmful bacteria that can cause acne. It can also balance your pH level in the skin, which can give you a less oily skin than before. Acne skin care is very relevant for adolescents who are suffering from this affliction. Lemon juice can also be an important ingredient of acne skin care because it contains citric acid, which can easily cleanse your skin by destroying the harmful bacteria.

It prevents any further proliferation of acne spots and also removes the inactive acne spots from your skin. Pantathonic acid can also be used in acne skin care as it readily helps in a faster metabolism of fats, which prevents formation of sebum, or oil that is flushed out by the skin to form acne pimples. For curing acne, you will just need 2.5 Gms of this acid four times a day for duration of ten days.

Aloe Vera can also be used to heal acne. Cucumber, carrot and lemon juice when taken can help in the detoxification of your body-preventing occurrence of acne. Brewer's yeast and charcoal pills help in the smooth operation of the digestive system and a faster metabolism, which prevents the dreaded emergence of acne.

You can also use tea tree oil and gel to kill the bacteria that causes acne. Tea tree oil is readily available at all the pharmaceutical stores and can be mixed with Jojoba oil for dilution to apply on the face to get more effective results. Oatmeal may also prove to be a very potent acne treatment as it can purify your skin of all the contaminations, which have caused acne.

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