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Hair Loss in Women and its Causes

Hair loss in women is a common problem. Women are usually unable to cope up with this problem because they feel that beautiful hair is an integral part of overall beauty. There may be several causes for hair loss in women. Once we find out the real cause of hair fall in an individual, it becomes easy to provide an effective treatment and re-grow the hair from the affected area.

Here are some of the major reasons for hair loss in women: a) Genetics Genetics play a major role in the type of hair you have on your scalp. If you have a family history of hair fall then there are greater chances for you to suffer from the same problem. Check with your family and know about the history of hair fall. b) Stress Any kind of stress is bad for hair health. If you are suffering from emotional or physical stress, hair fall will follow as a consequence.

c) Hormonal imbalance If you are suffering from androgen sensitivity, chances are that your hair will fall. Hormonal balance can be a big problem with hair growth. It can ultimately result in hair loss. d) Cosmetics Use of harsh chemicals and cosmetics is not good for overall health of hair. Certain chemicals may damage your scalp and eventually result in major hair fall.

Excessive use of styling gels, scrums, topical creams, chemical based shampoos and dyes are not good for scalp and hair. These are the major elements of hair loss. e) Health disorders If you suffer from thyroid problem or are anemic, then there are chances that you suffer from major hair loss. Hence, it is important to keep a check on your overall health if you want to save your hair.

f) Drugs If you are on medication, it would be wise to consult a trichologist. Certain drug may interact with the activities of scalp or interrupt the blood flow to the scalp. This becomes one of the main causes of hair fall.

g) Nutritional deficiencies Deficiency of iron or vitamin A can result in major amount of hair loss. Healthy hair needs good nutrition in the form of vitamin A, C, B, E, foliate and Biotin. Make sure that you are getting adequate amount of nutritional value on a daily basis. Also consult your health care practitioner for prescription of supplements of iron and vitamin A. h) Scalp infection Scalp infection may cause a lot of trouble in the form of excessive itching, dandruff, patchiness, flakiness and hair fall.

To promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair fall, the scalp needs to be infection free and squeaky clean. Also check your hair for traces of dandruff. i) Surgery Any type of surgery that you have undergone may result in hair loss. It is important to consult a professional to find the real cause of hair loss.

j) Radiation / chemotherapy Patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy may suffer from hair loss as side effect. Consult your doctor in charge to provide you a treatment for hair fall due to radiation or chemotherapy. k) Hair styles Trying your hair tight or using harsh hair accessories may also result in temporary hair fall. l) Shampoo Using a shampoo that doesn't suit your hair type or contains some harsh chemicals can result in major hair loss.

Finding out the real cause for hair loss will prevent permanent damage to your scalp.

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