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How Can I Treat Back Acne

Painfully shy about your pimply back? Feeling ashamed of wearing the bikini on your next beach holiday? Wondering, albeit dejectedly, 'how can I treat back acne' do not fret. The remedies for back acne are now right at your fingertips. And they could not have been any easier. Tips to Cure Back Acne Back acne is a common enough problem for the legions of acne sufferers around the world.

Pimples on the back can be due to sundry reasons: an over-oily skin, tight-fitting clothes or garments that cling on to the skin and do not let the sweat escape. Whatever be the reason, back acne is definitely very painful and a few tips on how to control and cure back acne will surely be welcomed. Before actually going on the medication for back acne, there are a few lifestyle practices that you can follow to get rid of your back pimples. Firstly, steer well clear of tight fitting dresses, no matter how macho or appealing you look in it. This holds true for cotton clothes too. This may come as a surprise for all those vehement supporters of 'cotton for comfort'.

But the truth of the matter is that cotton clothes do not let the sweat escape and with the sweat sticking on to you, your back acne problem is aggravated. In this case, synthetic garments are the ideal option. When you are having back acne troubles, it is imperative that you keep your back clean at all times. Dirt and grime can worsen acne conditions.

But there are precautions to be followed when you are washing your back. Remember your goal is to have a clear skin, not to scrub your back so vigorously so as to have it scarred and pitted beyond cure. While bathing, use a loofah sponge or any coarse scrubbing material to scour your back clean of all the dead cells. You can also use a 2% salicylic acid cleanser in your bath ritual and follow it up with a dab of any noncomedogenic body lotion. You can apply a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment on the back marks.

You can expect positive results within four weeks, otherwise, you can consult a dermatologist. Dermatologists swear by dietary supplements like Acidophilus twice or thrice a day, brewers yeast, chromium, zinc, Vitamins A, B-complex, B6, B-5, C and E and selenium to cure back acne problems. The remedys for your back acne woes are easy to follow. In fact, if you show diligence in this treatment regime, you can expect to bid good riddance to bad back acne.

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