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Stemultie Increases Muscle Size Overnight

Bodybuilders and athletes already know the importance of a good night's rest for muscle repair and recovery, and many take supplements to help promote deep sleep and enhance this process. Stemulite is showing promise for this process, a natural dietary supplement hat helps with muscle repair and recovery and stimulates the production of natural growth hormones. Instead of turning to high protein diets and excessive amino acid supplementation to repair muscle fibers after a workout, almost anyone can benefit from the all-natural formula of Stemulite. The Role of Sleep and Muscle Tissue Repair Deep sleep helps stimulate muscle growth as the body repairs itself after tissue breakdown and releases growth hormones as part of the repair process.

If this cycle is not completed effectively, the result is often a decrease in muscle size and strength which can affect physical performance for days and weeks. This is the key reason why bodybuilders and athletes take supplements or drink protein shakes before bedtime; the extra protein is meant to increase muscle size overnight ? unfortunately, this approach can provide mixed results. Many bodybuilders and athletes also use anabolic steroids and supplements designed to promote muscle growth. However, many of these can have harmful side effects including mood swings, depression, rage, and aggression that make it difficult to get quality sleep and experience long-term benefits of muscle growth.

Stemulite offers an alternative to conventional muscle growth solutions, a formula made from natural dietary adult stem cell agonists. How Stemulite Works Overnight Stemulite can be added to the daily diet, and is available in both a daytime and nighttime formula. The nighttime formula is designed to increase muscle size and strength during the sleep process, and this naturally reduces recovery time from intensive workouts over time.

Key ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid, L-carnitine, and Indium combine to promote cellular repair overnight. These ingredients work synergistically to promote natural relaxation and deep sleep ? this can help muscle fibers restore and repair themselves in any given 24 hour period, but especially during the sleep stage. Alpha lipoic is essential for producing energy, and levels of ALA in the body are often compromised after an intensive workout, stress and oxidative damage. Stemulite contains a high concentration of ALA that helps reduce oxidative stress and mitochondrial decay, and also helps with the synthesis of creatine.

L-carnitine is an amino acid derivative that also reduces oxidative damage. It can help increase energy levels throughout the day and improve muscle and joint strength for high endurance activities. Indium is a rare trace mineral that has been used for several decades fo enhancing mental and athletic performance. Indium directly affects the hypothalamus, and can stimulate growth hormone production overnight. Some of the key benefits of the Stemulite overnight formula include: ?More energy throughout the day ?Intensive muscle and tissue repair during the REM sleep cycle ?Improved rest and sleep cycles, resulting in better mood and a decrease of depression-related symptoms during the day ?Improved muscle tone, resilience and strength after a short period of time ?Decrease in body fat ?Improved skintone and resilience If you've been looking for ways to increase muscle size and strength without using high-protein shakes and supplements, Stemulite offers an all-natural solution for getting the results you need.

The overnight formula can help rebuild muscle and repair damaged tissues for improved performance throughout the day.

Everyday more people are discovering the Stemulite fitness formula for men and women is helping to improve their workouts, weight loss, and quality of sleep. To purchase Stemulite and learn more about it's positive effects visit http://bodybystemulite.com

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