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Tips To Reduce Chronic Fatigue

The fast pace at which we live our lives in the modern world causes many to suffer from exhaustion and lack of energy more commonly known as fatigue. Fairly common, most adults have suffered from fatigue at least once or twice in their lifetime. Fatigue is generally a result of sleep deprivation, overexertion or some sort of infection in the body. Some people suffer from chronic fatigue which is extended fatigue over a six month period resulting from what may be a serious medical condition.

One possible cause of chronic fatigue are infections due to exertion while training or working out or pushing above physical limits of endurance. Athletes and people that have occupations that require a great deal of physical activity such as firefighters often suffer from chronic fatigue.

Once the infections are treated, chronic fatigue usually disappears.
Dehydration can also be a cause of chronic fatigue with many people not paying attention to their daily water intake, with chronic fatigue being one of the results.

Mental experts link anxiety and depression to chronic fatigue as well as other psychological disorders. People who suffer from eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia suffer from chronic fatigue since their bodies are not receiving the proper nutrition their bodies require.

There are simple remedies available that can help decrease the effects of chronic fatigue. One solution that can provide quick results is by eating a proper diet high in fruits and vegetables and by avoiding foods loaded with sugars and fats.

Sugars and fats make the body feel lethargic and sluggish increasing the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Health agencies and health professionals have suggested that there is a link between chronic fatigue and stress. Stress is a common side effect of the modern age with the on the go lives that we lead, never slowing down to relax. Reduction of stress levels can have a positive effect on symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Exercise is one of the best remedies for chronic fatigue as exercise releases endorphins which helps us relax and increase a feeling of well being as well as improving our overall health.

Exercise also increases our energy levels alleviating the symptoms of chronic fatigue. Natural remedies such as herbal teas, meditation, yoga and acupuncture are all natural remedies that have been used with success in treating symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Some of these natural remedies have been used for thousands of years in the Far East and Africa with documented success for such ailments as chronic fatigue and to boost the metabolism. Chronic fatigue is commonplace in our society today and measures are available to remedy the symptoms of chronic fatigue. Natural remedies including exercise and proper diet may be all a person needs to reduce the effects of chronic fatigue.

However, if natural remedies do not help alleviate the symptoms, it is recommended that a health care provider such as a doctor or therapist be consulted as there may be other serious medical issues that may be the source of chronic fatigue.


About the Author (text)Phillip Hatley writes about many health releated issues on his blog. Please visit his blog at http://holyteaman.blogspot.com/ for more information on how to remedy chronic fatigue.

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