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What To Do To Burn Pounds Of Stubborn Fat

Do you find yourself stuck with that last 5 pounds of stubborn fat? Maybe 3 pounds or 7 pounds, it does not matter. It is just that last bit of body fat that seems to cling on to your prominent body parts and even though you have lost loads of weight before, these couple of pounds just makes you look bad! No matter how many hours in the gym you spent a day and regardless how many times you go to the gym, you still appear slightly on the smooth and soft side. I know how you feel. It just frustrates you! But before we dive into the solutions that I am about to show you, lets try to understand about burning fat and stubborn fat.

This way, we can come out with a much better strategy to shed those last few pounds and be beach body ready by the time your next party arrives. In order to burn fat or lose weight, you need to consume lower calories than you use or vice versa. The best formula to achieve this is to combined both techniques and create a harmonious program.

This means, we need to workout to help speed up the body metabolism and to burn fat and also we need to eat fewer calories to create a negative calorie balance so that the body can use the body fat in the fat cells. To lose one pound of body fat, you need to burn 3500 calories. Lets say your fitness goal is to lose 1 pound of fat per week, that means we need to reduction of 3500 calories per week. That works out to be 500 calories per day. So, by right, if we manage to workout and burn 300 calories per day and consume 200 calories per day, I would have lose 1 pound per week and 5 pounds in 5 weeks right? Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Its stubborn body fat we are talking about here. You are in plateau stage and now your body is getting used to your exercise routine and your metabolism is slowing down. This is the stage where you need to kick in some advance training strategies for your weight training and cardiovascular workout. I am assuming that you have already been doing weight training and doing cardio training regularly. If you are not, then just by doing probably will help you shed off that 5 pounds.

These techniques are for those that have been weight training, doing cardio and dieting but not seeing any more results after their initial surge of body fat loss. Our strategy here is to shock your body with new training techniques and principles. The first step is to reduce your rest time between sets. If you have been resting for more than one minute in your workouts, then reduce your rest periods between sets to less than one minute.

Next, do high intensity drop sets. Yes, drop sets or strip sets will help shock your muscles into growth and it burns more calories. A drop set is an advanced technique where you begin an exercise for example barbell squats at a very heavy weight. You would only do 8 reps and then you reduce the weight and straight away rep out 10 reps and then reduce the weight again and do 12 repetitions. You will feel a massive burn in your chest. The goal here is to shock your muscles so that it will respond.

Also, by doing three sets non stop and withstanding the burning sensation, it can get your heart rate up real fast which is good for body fat loss. Use about 2-drop sets exercise in your daily workout sessions. The next tip here to burn stubborn body fat is to get your intensity really high in your cardiovascular workouts. I am talking about 85 to 90 percent max heart rate. Note that you have to be exercising regularly and clear of any medical issues to use this technique.

For about a month, try doing really high intensity cardio training, interval style. Instead of long 30 to 45 minutes running, now you are going to try to do 20 minutes explosive runs. Here is the method: We are going to separate the 20 minutes into 4 intervals making each interval 5 minutes. In one 5-minute interval, there will be 2 phases.

The first phase is the base phase and the next phase is the breaking the threshold phase. For example, if you can run at speed 10 km/h continuously for 20 minutes, then make 10 km/h your base phase. Then, I need you to test a what speed you can run that will make you flat out in 3 minutes.

You might need to test this. I assume 13.5 km/h. So, we are now going to beat that threshold of 13.5 km/h.

Then one interval is made up of 2 minutes of 10 km/h and 3 minutes of 13.5 km/h. I can guarantee you that you will be knocked out of your socks by the time the fourth round is over.

You can literally feel your body burning even 30 minutes after the workout. The post workout burn is just crazy. There you go, two powerful methods to bring to war with your stubborn fat. I am sure that with these 2 tips you can lose those 5 pounds of body fat and look fabulous in your clothes.

Another important tip is that you have to take action and be persistent. Never give up!.

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