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Why Snoring Cools Marriages

There presently seems to be few things that can knock the intimacy right out of a marriage the way the continuous crisis of snoring does. It does not matter how very much that you love your spouse; the snoring will finally take a toll upon you, by the means of sleep deprivation. After prolonged sleepless nights, you will find yourself sleeping alone in some other area of the home, just so you can finally get a very much needed good night's rest. One or two nights will most always lead into a semi-permanent to a permanent sleeping arrangement because of needing to be able and sleep solidly throughout the night.

The partner that snores will become defensive and offended due to you moving out of the bedroom, this will soon lead to disgruntled feelings and arguments on both sides. There will be no real intimacy as a loving couple for the reasons of being in separate beds, but also because of the daily disagreements between the two of you. Believe it or not, snoring has on occasion, in a round about way lead to a few divorces, because of all of the many ramifications that becomes involved. Before the whole situation truly gets completely out of hand, work with the spouse that you love, in ending the snoring problem once and for all. The primary place to start is to get your spouse to understand how serious all of this is, and since he or she would prefer sleeping with their partner during the night, this should not be so hard.

But the second option is to tape record them snoring just so that they can really hear how bad the problem is for themselves. After hearing themselves, they will surely get serious about trying to solve their snoring problem. Now that you have got your spouse's notice of how serious the snoring problem really is, the next step would be to explore the immediate options. It is best to start off with the person with the snoring problem to keep themselves on their side throughout the night. This can be done by several pillows propped against the back and a couple more pillows being hugged up front of the snorer. There are also good results for some when they raise the top end of the bed with boards to keep the bed up 2 to 4 inches safety without slipping and this will better clear the snoring person's breathing air passages.

There are too, wonderful memory foam pillows for a person that snores, to keep the head and neck properly proportioned for the clearest airways throughout the night. Along with one or all of these anti-snoring methods, there are also several other over-the-counter safe and remedies, like herbal nightly throat sprays. These sprays are safe for long term use and they have several added vitamins within them. They are only needed once before bed and are very economical.

There are also anti-snoring nasal sprays that are clinically proven and highly effective, especially when combined with one of the options mentioned from above. With a little time and experimentation, you and your spouse will again have a loving and intimate snore-free marriage!.

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