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Why You Shouldnt Ignore Erection Problems

Most men will have erection problems at some time in their lives. Many of these incidents, as embarrassing as they can be, will be one off events. Alcohol consumption is well known for having a detrimental effect on a man's ability to perform and is behind many such occurrences. As men get older, so the chances of them suffering from erection problems increases. By the time they reach the age of 70 between 60 to 70% of men will be having difficulties achieving or maintaining an erection. Just a few years ago it was assumed that most cases of impotence in younger men had a psychological cause.

This view has now changed. Most impotence problems, whatever your age, are usually due to underlying medical conditions that may or may not have been diagnosed. Your penis is a good indicator of your general health and for this reason difficulties with erections shouldn't be ignored or dismissed as a sign of aging. As a good blood supply to the penis is essential for an erection it's no surprise that medical conditions like atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) are often behind poor penile performance.

This is why men with erectile dysfunction are at higher risk from heart attacks and strokes. Probably the easiest way to develop erection difficulties is to smoke. This is because smoking is such a good way to damage your arteries which then cause erections to fail. Diseases that cause nerve damage can also cause impotence.

Medical conditions that are known to sometimes cause erectile dysfunction include - Diabetes High blood pressure (hypertension) Thyroid disease Renal failure Severe liver disease Often erection failures are one of the first indications that something is going wrong. Unfortunately men are notoriously bad at seeking medical help. They are even more unlikely to go to their doctor when the subject is one of poor sexual performance. In the UK it's thought that only 10% of men who are having problems with their erections will go to their doctor. Only after more serious symptoms have started to appear is medical help sought.

By this time long term damage may have occurred. If your erection problems have appeared very suddenly then they may be of psychological origin. However, if the problem has appeared over a period of time then the cause is most likely medical. If you then reach for the little blue pills without knowing what's really the matter you could make the situation a lot worse. Don't let embarrassment about seeing your doctor put your long term health or even your life at risk. You will be asked intimate questions about your sex life and performance but doctors have heard it all before and to them erectile dysfunction is simply a symptom not a reflection on your manhood.

Penile health is a serious issue. If you want to find out more about penis problems or Peyronie's Disease please visit my website.

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